PSR Regulation – Table of contents

Title I Subject matter, scope and definitions

Title II Transparency of conditions and information requirements for payment services

Chapter 1 General provisions

Chapter 2 Single payment transactions

Chapter 3 Framework contracts

Title III Rights and obligations in relation to the provision and use of payment services

Chapter 1 Common provisions

Chapter 2 Access to payment systems and accounts with credit institutions

Chapter 3 Access to account information and payment initiation services

Section 1 General provisions

Section 2 Access interfaces for account information services and payment initiation services

Section 3 Rights and obligations of payment service providers providing accounts

Section 4 Rights and obligations of account information service providers and payment initiation service providers

Section 5 Implementation

Chapter 4 Authorisation of payment transactions

Chapter 5 Execution of payment transactions

Section 1 Payment order and amounts transferred

Section 2 Execution deadlines and value date

Chapter 6 Data protection

Chapter 7 Operational and information security risks and authentication

Chapter 8 Enforcement procedures, competent authorities and sanctions

Section 1 Complaints procedures

Section 2 Dispute settlement procedures and sanctions

Chapter 9 EBA powers of product intervention

Title IV Delegated acts

Title V Final provisions

Annex I Payment services

Annex II Electronic money services

Annex III Correlation table

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