Chambers FinTech ranking 2023

This is now the fourth Chambers FinTech ranking, and the fourth time that DLK have been named leading FinTech legal specialists in Poland. For the fourth time, Dr Krzysztof Korus has been named as a top ranked individual in FinTech in Poland.

DLK Legal - Chambers Fintech 2023, Band 2
dr Krzysztof Korus - Chambers Fintech 2023, Band 1

We are delighted at the high ranking earned by DLK Legal in FinTech legal services, a sector that is not without market and legal turbulence. Our thanks go out to our clients for continuing to involve us in exciting projects in which technology renders finance user-friendly and accessible.

We appreciate very much the time taken to talk to Chambers researchers and give a spontaneous evaluation of our work. We will express our gratitude by working on user-friendly legislation and individual FinTech legal solutions.

Krzysztof Korus
attorney-at-law, partner Krzysztof Korus

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This is now the fourth Chambers FinTech ranking, and the fourth time that DLK ha...

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