Fintech & Blockchain

Fintech is the next generation of agile and accessible finance functions

At DLK, we co-founded the “technology-first” finance function before it became fintech. Fintech has become a synonym for great opportunity in business, regardless of wealth or background. Technology is constantly uncovering new possibilities for finance. We support combining traditional finance with new technologies.


  • payment apps, acquiring, remittance networks, agents
  • payments exempt from regulations: commercial agents, telecommunications carriers, limited network instruments, ATM networks
  • consumer loans, community loans, buy now pay later, business loans
  • Open Banking PSD2 services: account information services (AIS), payment initiation services (PIS)
  • crowdfunding
  • online factoring
  • tokenization, virtual currencies and other cryptocurrencies
  • intermediation in payments, financing, insurance
  • platforms (marketplaces)
  • processes (KYC, scoring, consent management, etc.) and value-added services for finance

Sector Experts:

Krzysztof Korus
attorney-at-law, partner Krzysztof Korus

+48 22 652 26 18

Szymon Zych
attorney-at-law, senior lawyer Szymon Zych

+48 12 31 51 841

Mikołaj Cegłowski
attorney-at-law, senior lawyer Mikołaj Cegłowski

+48 22 652 26 18

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