What DLK provides with the ART licence


  • assessment of compliance of the entity and current services with the requirements of the ART license (procedures and policies, capitals and funds, models of cooperation with partners, contracts)
  • corporate set-up or implementation of corporate changes (share capital increase, changes in the company’s governing bodies)
  • legal qualification of services
  • development of descriptions and diagrams


  • model information document on the crypto-assets to be completed by the Principal (in terms of figures and specific solutions and intentions)
  • legal opinion stating that ART does not qualify as a MiCA-exempt crypto-asset or an electronic money token (EMT)
    model internal procedures (risk management, internal control, AML/CFT, ICT security, outsourcing, BCP, incident management, complaints, reserve maintenance, redemption, organization and management, employment, conflicts of interest, etc.) for approval by the Principal and supplements in the scope of specific solutions
  • model framework agreements (regulations)
  • model outsourcing agreement
  • assistance in the operationalization of model documentation
  • forms dedicated to managers and shareholders of the Principal to collect warranty information (education, experience, history)
  • guidelines on the documentation necessary to be collected by the Principal (certificates, statements, documents)
  • obtaining criminal record certificates on behalf of the Principal
  • calculation of the required and held own funds based on the data provided by the Principal
  • application to the supervisory authority


  • periodic communication with the authority on the progress of the case
  • preparing a response to a request for additional explanations and documents
  • making adjustments that the authority requires during the course of the proceedings
  • obtaining a license (including obtaining a formal confirmation of receipt of the license along with determining the date of the license)


  • assistance in updating information in registers, letters, on websites
  • guidelines for filling all positions and functions as well as changes in registration
  • internal procedures workshop
  • instructions for paying supervisory fees
  • instructions for performing reporting and reporting obligations
  • negotiation of contracts related to the start of business (bank account, guarantees, etc.)
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