Product development


  • Changing the organization of a provider, product or process within the regulated sectors requires securing its compliance with the regulatory and legal requirements. It applies to both the internal business processes and relationships with contractors, especially consumers (security and protection by design).
  • It is necessary to verify whether the current status of the entity allows it to offer the services as planned, or whether it will be necessary to obtain or update a permit or entry in the appropriate register.
  • The need for modification of the solutions used so far arises in the case of changes in the current legislation. Such changes are becoming more frequent and extensive, making continuous monitoring essential to avoid non-compliance with the regulatory requirements and the need for time-consuming corrective actions.
  • Changing or introducing new products with DLK not only ensures that these are designed in compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements, but also that they take into account the business needs and user expectations (UX design).
  • Does the planned change require authorization, registration or notification to the supervisory authority?
  • Does a change in regulations or guidelines require change of business?
  • Does the solution violate consumer rights?
  • When and how the users should be informed about the changes in the regulations?
  • Do I need to use a permanent data carrier in my communications with the users? Does the mechanism for transmitting data or documents meet the requirements of a permanent data carrier?
  • Do the changes require updating privacy policy or internal documentation related to data protection?

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