Co DLK dostarcza przy DORA

  • ICT risk management framework
  • Digital operational resilience strategy, including testing programme
  • Governance arrangements
  • ICT business continuity policy
  • ICT response and recovery plans
  • Financial entity’s ICT internal audit plans
  • Financial entity’s policy on arrangements regarding the use of ICT services provided by ICT third–party service providers
  • Risk scenarios, mapping of information assets and ICT assets, dependencies and interconnections with ICT third–party service providers, specific ICT risk assessment on all legacy ICT systems
  • Security policy – data
  • Policies and protocols related to strong authentication mechanism
  • Procedures for change of ICT management, software, hardware, etc.
  • Backup policies and procedures
  • Restoration and recovery procedures and methods
  • ICT–related incident management process, mechanism to detect promptly anomalous activities
  • Strategy on ICT third–party risk
  • Exit strategies
  • Communication policies for internal staff and for external stakeholders
  • Crisis communication plan
  • Security awareness programmes and digital operational resilience training


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